How to stick to your budget


Sticking to your budget is key to personal finances.

Preparing your monthly budget  isn’t complicated and it benefits personal finances. However, what the Excel sheet or notebook where you prepare it  says and actually sticking to your budget are two different stories.

Not having the will to allow the budget you’ve created seems unbelievable, but it might be one of the reasons behind why your finances aren’t being taken care of the way they should, and saving money is turning into a different task. To make sure that you are smartly managing your money, you must insist on yourself following your monthly budget and spend less.

Create a realistic budget

Being honest about your financial situation is key to prepare a budget. You know there are must-do expenses but, have you thought that you might not invest your money efficiently? Be realistic about how much money you have to save for each expense and do not allow to be permissive to purchase stuff that you don’t need.

Lower your credit card monthly debt

If your credit card statement shows a lot of expenses that you are doing monthly, challenge yourself and lower the debt that you must pay. This means less usage of your credit card so you will start reducing expenses that aren’t a priority or that can wait.

No-buy challenge  

Sticking to your budgeting goals could be hard for you so you can set a competence with yourself and the previous month. Although there are areas where you can’t apply this (everybody needs vegetables for their diet), you can identify categories where you are spending  more than you can afford and challenge yourself to no-buy an item for a month. You will also find out about what is important and needed.  

Plan your meals

It isn’t a joke that meal prep helps reducing groceries’ costs. A large part of your income might go to groceries shopping and, even though it can’t be avoided, when you plan your meals you will take advantage of your investment by using every ingredient that you bought without going to waste.

Use Financial boundaries

Although it isn’t normal yet to say no to having dinner with friends because you don’t have money, this is about your money. If your budget does not include this activity because you are saving money, you must establish financial boundaries. At the end of the day, you are respecting your finances, your budget, and your money.

Prepare a monthly budget

A budget is useful as long as it adjusts to your needs and they might change each month. Whenever a new month starts, you have to think about all the upcoming events such as birthdays or doctor’s appointments so you can budget for them.

Budgeting shouldn’t be a stressful tool. On the contrary, it has to work for you and adapted to your reality. In addition, it will help you to become more demanding about the way you are managing your finances and therefore, the way you spend your money so it goes to your well-being.