How to save money when getting insurance


Insurance is an important element for personal finances.

The world of insurances can be overwhelming for a person. When acquiring insurance -for the car, life, health, or property- there are a lot of conditions that can make you feel lost, and getting one that ends up not being that useful for your needs. Insurance costs should be included as part of the budget, even though it's an investment rather than an expense. If the insurance is good, the minute that you have to use it, it could minimize the effect on personal finances.

Although you might believe that getting insurance for your properties or health could be expensive because the chances that something happening is low, it is cheaper to invest monthly in insurance than having to pay tons of money due to emergency surgery or fixing your car after a car crash. Therefore, it is better to have insurance for the most important things.

Compare plans and prices

Do not take lightly this matter and make sure to request different insurance places with different companies. Ask any questions you have about deducible and the conditions they have. For example, when it comes to health insurance, they often have medical exams that aren’t covered by insurance. You must see if the insurance shows up whenever you need it the most such as emergencies and how it applies.

Discounts for annual payments

Some companies have discounts if you pay the insurance annually, instead of doing it monthly. You must ask, since many times they don’t say this to you and it can save you hundreds of dollars. Perhaps the total is hard to pay but if you plan for it, you might want to put money aside to do this payment annually.

In addition, if you are looking to acquire insurance for many items, some companies have discounts if you get all with them instead of having them spread with other companies.

Periodically go through the conditions

Despite keeping insurance is the ideal thing, if when using it you discover that it isn’t as good as you thought, you must go through it periodically to see what they are offering you.

Also, you will remember what things are covered 100% by it annually so you can actually make use out of it. It is normal to forget about the benefits you already have.


When acquiring insurance, ask the way to claim your money back so the company runs with all the costs due to an incident. If it must be done beforehand, what things you need to present, etc. The idea is that the insurance company makes things easier for you instead of you going through everything and paying more money than you should.  


Saving is more efficient if you plan for it although when it comes to insurance is about running with all the costs during unexpected situations. However, in some cases, you can plan ahead for the future. For example, health insurances  might not cover maternity during the first year, and if you are planning to have children any time soon, you have to take notice of this.

Insurances should be considered within budgets to avoid paying more money after an incident. But what you pay for them depends on the needs, the circumstances, and the time that you spend seeking the most suitable plan.