How to save money so your moving process is cheaper


Avoid paying more money when you are moving to a new home.

Moving is a stressful process although it depends on the distance and conditions: one thing is to move within the same city and a different thing is to move to a different state or even to a different country. The impact of moving in personal finances could become something expensive. However, some small actions can help to save some cash when moving, an activity that without any planning could be a heavy expense.

Of course, you need to have some cash ready for the move, whether is for gas and the number of times you need to drive things to the new house. it is useful to prepare a budget exclusively for moving.


To cover all the financial aspects of moving, it is important to plan ahead and predict the expenses. You must compare costs: if it is cheaper to rent a moving service or it is better to fill up the car tank many times. It all depends on the person’s context.

By having a plan, you will have better management of the time and money to prepare for  the move, the moving process itself, and settle into the new place.

Hiring a moving service or ask your friends for help

Depending on the amount of stuff you must carry to the new house and the distance, you might be able to do the moving with your friends’ help, without having the need to pay for a service. You will save the cost of packing all your belongings and the transport. But you have to consider that it will take more time and you will need many hands to make things easier.

If you have to move because your job is asking to change location, you can ask them to pay for  your moving process.

Sell what you don’t need

It doesn’t matter if spring is not the season, you can do some spring cleaning and use the moving as an excuse to only take with you what is necessary to start fresh in the new house. Plus, you will avoid taking more stuff with you (even saving one or two trips)

All the items that you won’t take with you can be sold to someone who might find them useful.

Don’t rush into buying new things for the house

True, being enthusiastic about moving to a new place can make you want some new furniture or elements to refresh the space. Despite having the opportunity to decorate a new place, take your time to consider if what you already have is still functional so you avoid buying the cheapest furniture available. It is better to wait, having just what you need until you can budget to acquire things that might be more expensive but have better quality to last longer.

The moment you are ready to pack your things, make sure to borrow boxes and containers from friends to keep all your belongings. The key to a more relaxed move is to organize, having some help, and plan how are you going to do it. This way you will avoid affecting your finances severely.